I am Thomas Rugsveen, a dedicated marketer and photographer that is not just about selling things; I want to make a difference.

Marketing and photography are not just professions for me, they are a passion that drives my every day. I founded Adpix, which serves as my creative hub for select projects including digital marketing and event photography.

With a background in sales, I also have passion for product display and uppseling which aligns seamlessly with creating compelling digital content and driving online sales. 

I believe in fairness, both in business and in society. Workplace fairness and employee rights are close to my heart. I believe in creating environments where everyone is treated with respect and has equal opportunities.  I am always looking for new and better ways to do things in the fast-changing world of marketing.

Outside of my professional life, I like to travel, especially in South-East Asia. An active lifestyle is important to me, and back in 2007 I participated in the National Championship in long-distance triathlon.


I have worked in different areas, and learned a lot about what people want and need. I try to use this knowledge to create marketing that really speaks to people and makes a positive impact in society.

At Publicom AS, I previously held the position of Marketing Manager and managed the marketing for the Norwegian release of the international bestseller “I May Be Wrong” by Björn Natthiko Lindeblad, showing my ability to manage and promote products in different markets.

In my earlier role as sales associate across many product categories, I’ve learned to listen to customers and find the right solution for their needs. Throughout my career, I’ve consistently demonstrated an ability to understand customer needs and find tailored solutions.

My communication skills have been a key part of this, and I’ve received positive feedback from both colleagues and clients. My strong collaborative skills, positive attitude, and commitment to superior customer experiences, and management of my own business, Adpix centered on marketing and photography have granted me deep insights into running campaigns and communicating with varied audiences.

BOOK realeses

From Author to Reader, One Cover at a Time. Every book cover showcased here marks a chapter in my professional journey, strategically planned and marketed with precision, ensuring each story finds its audience and the author’s voice is heard. Books are written with passion and deserve to reach their readers.


During my studies in International Marketing at USN, one of my proudest moments was representing the university at the Nordic-Baltic Perspectives event in Tallinn. This opportunity allowed me to showcase my understanding and passion for modern marketing challenges on an international stage.

In addition to acquiring key marketing skills, I delved deep into specialized subjects like Sustainability Management, equipping me with knowledge to promote environmentally-conscious business practices. Other leadership and management courses further honed my strategic thinking and decision-making capabilities.

My commitment to effective communication is evident from my top grades in Business English from USN, highlighting my proficiency in both written and verbal forms. To keep pace with the fast-changing digital world, I’m currently enhancing my skills with an online Digital Marketing professional degree course at Noroff.


Learning and Growing: Each course and certificate I've earned shows my commitment to getting better at what I do.

These aren’t just achievements; they’re tools that make my marketing strategies sharper and my photography stand out. With every class I take and every new skill I master, I’m working to deliver better results and more memorable experiences.

Let's boost your brand together!

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